we select and store grain

Liven Agro is a company that engages in the selection and storage of corn grain.


We dispose of a grain storage capacity of 97,000 t distributed in a total of 74 bins
and three continuous flow column dryers with a total drying capacity of 200 t/hr.

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west side
west side
south west side
south west side
dryers 50 t/hr.g
dryers 50 t/hr.
dryer 150 t/hr.
dryer 150 t/hr.
bins south sideg
bins south side

we have obtained approximately 1,000 corn varieties

Since 15 years and in collaboration with Ariestolas Crops, Liven Agro S.A. implements annual trials of 50 to 60 new corn varieties, having achieved up to date technical data of approximately 1,000 corn varieties.

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Palomitas en grano
popcorn grains
Maíz amarillo para nachos
yellow corn for nacho chips
Maiz gigante
giant corn
Maíz blanco para nachos
white corn for nacho chips
Palomitas Mushroom
mushroom popcorn
Palomitas Malva
mauve popcorn
Palomitas Rojas
red popcorn

popcorn, toasted corn “KIKOS®”, nacho chips and semolina

Liven Agro S.A. selects and storages corn varieties for four principle uses, them being popcorn, toasted corn - “KIKOS®”, corn for nacho chips and corn for semolina.

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“kikos®” – toasted corn
Palomitas Mushroom
mushroom popcorn expanded
Palomitas Butterfly extrusionadas
butterfly popcorn expanded


Once the crop arrives from the harvest, it is processed in Liven Agro S.A.’s facilities in the following manner

- drying
- storing
- selecting through
- colorimetric separation
- sieving
- densimetric separation
- destoning
- packaging.

various packaging sizes

When the grain has been cleaned and selected, the options for packaging are in bulk, in big-bags of 1,000 kg (2,207 lb), in bags of 25 kg (55.51 lb), 50 lb, 10 kg (22 lb), 500 g (1.1 lb) and 250 g (0.55 lb).

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Bolsa de palomitas de 250g
popcorn seed bag
of 250 g
Bolsa de palomitas de 500g
popcorn seed bag
of 500 g
Saco de palomitas Mushroom 10 Kg
popcorn seed bag
mushroom 10 kg
Saco de palomitas Oro 10 Kg
popcorn seed bag
gold 10 kg
Saco de palomitas Premium 10 Kg
popcorn seed bag
premium 10 kg
Big Bag de harina de 1.000 Kgs
corn flour big bag
of 1,000 kg